Methods And Formats Of IT Training

Published: 17th June 2015
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One of the biggest challenges information technology professionals face is the need to maintain their skill sets. Software and systems manufacturers are consistently updating their offerings, adding new features and changing administration methods. IT training is the key to keep current and is a necessary requirement for anyone in the IT field. IT professionals must keep up with the changes or find their jobs at risk. The methods of obtaining training are as varied as the topics themselves.

The most practical method of obtaining training is through professional instructor led classes. The majority of these classes consist of a live instructor teaching a specific topic to a small group of students. The location of the training can either be live in a traditional classroom, or online through the use of specialized meeting software. The major advantage to attending this type of training is access to the instructor who, in most cases, is an experience professional with real-world skills in the topic they are teaching. Having the ability to ask questions of the topic and get a live answer or even enter a full discussion is very valuable to the students understanding of the topic. This enhances the learning experience and usually results in better comprehension of the subject. The major disadvantage of instructor led training is the cost. Most classes vary in price depending on the company providing the instruction, but on average a five-day instructor led course can cost in excess of $2000.

Instead of a traditional instructor led class, many IT professionals are turning to online training providers for their education needs. Online providers produce videos and manuals that students can view streaming across the internet at their own schedule. The videos are professionally produced and feature a recording of an instructor lecturing on a specific topic. Using the videos allows the student to set their own schedule, and can be done from the comfort of their home. Online training providers are much lower cost than traditional classroom training with rates for individual courses, or subscription rates allowing for an unlimited use of the providers entire library. The one disadvantage to video based training is the lack of interaction with a live instructor. Video based training is more appropriate for IT professionals that have some background in the subject and are just brushing up on skills.

The least costly method of IT training is the self-taught method. There is no shortage of available training books online and in bookstores for any IT related topic. The expense is simply the cost of the book. IT professionals often choose this method of training to spare the expense of video or instructor led training. Many IT books are written in the form of a training manual, often with step by step instructions on how to implement or test the concepts being presented. The self-taught method also allows flexibility in scheduling and has the advantage of re-using the training material as a reference book upon completion. While must cheaper, self-taught training presents challenges to conceptual understanding with the lack of interpretation and communication with the instructor. To counter this, there are a large number of online communities and forums dedicated to discussing IT topics and training questions. The understanding of a specific concept is no more than a quick forum post away.


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