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Published: 17th June 2015
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The field of computers and information technology is one of the hottest in today's job market, and it is expected to continue to grow at a fast clip throughout 2020 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports. The field is also broad enough to accommodate job growth for entry-level computer professionals as well as for more advanced computer engineers. Because there is a demand for all types of computer and information technology specialists, computer education ranges from diplomas to doctoral degrees. Completing a computer educational program is not the only challenge faced by an aspiring computer professional; they also must find the right computer training school that fits their future career goals, current schedule, and often constrained budget.

Price Tags Of Computer Education Options

There is a push for students still in high school to prepare for engineering and technology majors in college by taking advanced placement and other college preparatory courses aimed to increase their success in technical fields while in college and beyond. While some students start their computer careers this way, many are already in the job market and view the field of computers as an exciting way forward in a mostly stagnate job market. These students are usually a little older, have family responsibilities, and full time employment. Colleges and universities that market to these students must consider budget and schedule constraints when drafting their computer degree programs.

Community colleges usually have foundational computer courses within regionally accredited associate degree programs with titles such as Applied Computer Science, Computer Electronics Engineering, and Computer Engineering Technology degrees. Tuition rates drastically fluctuate between $3,700-$27,000 annually based on location and whether the community college is a private or public institution; U.S. Department of Education estimated that the average annual cost for an associate degree in computer science between 2012-2013 was $18,548. The most affordable options are traditionally found at public community colleges away from major metropolitan hubs.

While the price of four-year computer training school programs also fluctuate based on location and school type, the average annual tuition rate for a bachelor of science degree in computer science is $35,840 according to the U.S. Department of Education. The lowest cost, non-military university providing a bachelor degree program in computer science is Brigham Young University Hawaii with a tuition cost of $10,978 annually.

Students usually complete advanced degree programs in two years, and the average tuition and fees for a master's degree in computer science is $24,918. Public schools like East Carolina University offer their advanced degree in computer science to North Carolina residents for a little over $5,000 per year. However, private schools like National University in California have annual tuition rates of $18,900.

Expected Skills Outcome

Depending on the type of computer science degree program, students may learn programming, networking, or information assurance skills that are extremely useful in the job market. Associate level degree programs in computer science often teach students popular applications, basic programming, familiarity with different operating systems, and knowledge of networks. Most four-year computer science degree majors graduate with a broad-based overview of computer skills while others choose concentrations that give them proficiency in areas like network security or software development. Advanced degrees in computer science builds on the foundational skills learned in the other lower level degree programs. Advanced degree programs in computer science usually offer concentrations as well.

Refreshing Computer Skills With Certifications

While there are many benefits to working in the computer and information technology industry, one slight drawback is the fast pace of the sector. For instance, innovations in nano technology has sparked many changes in computer hardware which also instigates the demand for new software applications. Computer professionals must keep their skills current amidst a rapidly changing technology environment. Most do this by completing additional, industry-respected training courses for certification like those offered by Microsoft, Cisco, and VMware.


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